About Me

Thank you for visiting my site. My name is Max Lesser, and I am marketing and communications professional residing in the Jacksonville, Fla area.
In my current profession, I am the community and marketing manager for Predator Group, which is one of the most iconic pool cue manufacturers in the world. As the community and marketing manager I oversee all aspects of social media, public relations and digital marketing. I also manage 47 pro players and 5 regional and international billiard tournaments.
Previously, I was the business development manager for the National Center for Housing Management. NCHM is the largest provider of property management training and certifications in the US. They serve property managers in HUD compliance courses, as well as general property performance classes.
Outside of the workplace, I am an independent social media consultant with a focus on small business development. As an expert on social media and digital marketing, I can help develop businesses into established brands in the community. Currently, I work with a few small businesses as well as Jacksonville’s NASL soccer team, the Jacksonville Armada. For the Armada, I work with the Public Relations team to live-tweet all homes games and then write the Farah and Farah Man of the Match articles.
I am also a passionate photographer, videographer and graphic designer with a keen sense and eye for detail.
For more information on my background, please visit my LinkedIn profile or feel free to contact me here.

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